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On January 30, 2021 Sibcem’s Topkinskiy cement plant celebrated its 55th anniversary. The article covers the history of the enterprise since its forma...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: production, cement, construction materials, modernization, environmental safety
Autor: A.S. Shchekochikhina.
The paper discusses the issues of using modern tools of Bricking Solutions Inc. (USA) for the installation and maintenance of refractories in ...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Refractories
Keywords: bricking machine, bricking rig, kiln ramp, suspended platform, safety cage.
Autor: A.S. Spitsin.
The limitations of protective clothing with a thin aluminum coating for the staff of cement plants inspecting cyclone heat exchangers, or working wher...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: safety, labour safety, protective clothes, cyclone preheater, hot meal.
Autor: M. Kapphahn.
A brief functional overview of the distributed process control system PCS7/Cemat (from Siemens) is given
Issue №1, 2017
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: distributed control system, scalability, flexible module redundancy, safety integrated, simulation, advanced process control, management console
Autor: A.B. Guryanov.
This paper discusses the overall importance and benefits of a complete and efficient preventative maintenance program. Implementing a strong program w...
Issue №1, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: alignment, safety, preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance, measuring tools, analysis, inspection services, bucket elevators, pan conveyors, bulk material
Autor: W. Allen.
The aim of this article is to provide general knowledge about coal mill systems. and to emphasize the most important issues and how coal mills stand o...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: fuel types, coal, product quality, coal mills, safety
Autor: L. Bastue.
The article describes and characterizes an electrostatic dust suppression installation used at points of unloading loose materials from belt conveyors...
Issue №6, 2008
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: dust formation, work safety, overload, conveyors, dust control
Autor: T. Ossevorth, A. Makeev.
The article is devoted to electric equipment modernization. It shows Siemens’ approach to problems of existing process equipment operation, a problem ...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Siemens, modernization, equipment, accident-prevention systems, safety, automatic-control system, electric driver
Autor: V. Mustafin.
The article deals with technical control of the product quality as per Federal Law of RF «On technical regulation». Also considered is cement safety, ...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: techincal regulation, regulatory requirements, safety
Autor: Entin Z.B., Sivkov S.P..
The article cites the results of a study of sources of chromium ingress in cement at every stage of its production. It is shown that the main source o...
Issue №1, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: chromium, crude processing unit, safety
Autor: I.N. Borisov, E.V. Indina..

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