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The PYROROTOR® reactor from KHD, Germany, is the most universal unit for burning alternative fuels from waste materials at cement plants. PYROROTO...
Issue №3, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: reactor, calciner, clinker burning, alternative fuels, thermal substitution rate
Autor: M. Mersmann, S. Schmitgen.
The U-shape conveyor allows the implementation of narrower curve radii than a troughed belt conveyor and higher mass flows than a pipe conveyor. A...
Issue №2, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: U-shape conveyor, conveying solution, cement, bulk material, calciner, alternative fuels
Autor: R. Schnathmann.
During the productivity improvement of the AO Qi­zilqum Sement (Uzbekistan) plant a decision was made to design and produce a new kiln line ca...
Issue №1, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: pyro line, preheater, calciner, kiln, cooler
Autor: A. Weimer.
In recent decades, technological developments in the cement industry have been limited. In this regard, manufacturers are increasingly striving to inf...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: New materials
Keywords: calcined clay, clinker substitution, flash calciner, rotary kiln, cement, concrete
Autor: S. Gross, H.W. Meyer, P.H. Heersche.
The clinker burning process in modern kiln lines, with multi staged preheating towers under the use of high rates of alternative fuels and raw materia...
Issue №5, 2018
Section: Refractories
Keywords: refractories, suspension preheater, calciner, refractory corrosion, steel corrosion.
Autor: S. Thomas, H. Walter, G. Pair.
Various types of KHD PYROCLON® calciners from German KHD Humboldt Wedag (KHD) and the modular design of this system are described. The standar...
Issue №1, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: calciner, module construction, fuel combustion, NOx emission, alternative fuels.
Autor: H. Schuermann, N. Streit.
Energy consumption is one of the largest cost components in the production of Portland cement. Energy is consumed through the fuel required to make th...
Issue №5, 2016
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker burning, thermal performance, kiln, calciner, cyclone preheater, clinker cooler
Autor: J. Kline, C. Kline.
In cement lines, significant masses of NOx can be formed both in the rotary kilns and the precalciners. To reduce NOx formation, kiln burners applying...
Issue №6, 2015
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: NOx, low NOx combustion burners, low NOx combustion systems for precalciners, selective non-catalytic reduction system (SCNR)
Autor: L. Ricci.
The Cinar company has provided technical assistance to many cement plants in issues related to making better use of different fuels, examining aerodyn...
Issue №2, 2011
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: AFR; petcoke; kiln; calciner; flame; burner
Autor: T. Abbas, T. Lowes.

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