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The CIS countries are investing in new, modern and efficient cement plants. In the period 2017 to 2021 (1. Half) in total 27 new projects were...
Issue №1, 2022
Section: Review
Keywords: cement plant, project, cement capacity, clinker capacity
Autor: J. Harder.
On August 6, 2021 the ceremonial commissioning of the OOO Cemix white cement plant located in the Abzelilovsky district of the Republic of Bashkor...
Issue №3, 2021
Section: Events
Keywords: cement plant, white cement production, dry process
Autor: V.S. Razmakhov.
In 2020, a wet process cement plant ATOM Cement with a design capacity of 550 thousand tons of cement per year was put into operation. This plant is p...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Interview
Keywords: production, cement plant
Autor: E.V. Glyzin.
From 1999 to present days CBMI Construction Co Ltd (CBMI) has built more than 60 new cement "turn key" plants. The article describes...
Issue №5, 2020
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: ЕРС‐project, construction, cement plant, process line, subcontractor
Autor: Daliang Chi, Jinjun Gu, Yingying Zhang.
In January 2020, in the village of Shursuv in the Uzbekistan district of the Ferghana region of Uzbekistan, the ceremonial launch of the new cement pr...
Issue №1, 2020
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: cement plant
Autor: K. Akhmedov.
The cement plants of the near future are described. Their characteristic features will be a much more efficient use of resources and energy (inclu...
Issue №1, 2020
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: cement plant, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, alternative fuels and raw materials, automation, digitization
Autor: F. Leitao.
On July 10, 2019 a process line of the modern dry method of production with design capacity of 300 kt per year was launched at the new cement plant in...
Issue №6, 2019
Section: Events
Keywords: cement plant, start-up, rotary kiln, dry process
Autor: A.B. Muradov, A.F. Ibragimov.
In 2013, intensive construction and commissioning of new cement production facilities equipped with modern process equipment began in the Republic of ...
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Review
Keywords: cement plant, cement production, commissioning, export
In October 2019, Chernorechensky cement plant (now AO Iskitimcement), one of the largest cement producers in Siberia, will turn 85. Large-scal...
Issue №3, 2019
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement plant, cement production, investment, modernization, ecology, products quality
Autor: Ye. V. Abibula.
In November 2018 representative office of Sinoma CBMI Construction Co., Ltd in Moscow has been opened. The tasks which the representative office compl...
Issue №1, 2019
Section: Presentation
Keywords: cement plants construction, modernization, equipment, spare parts.
Autor: Chen Yandong.

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