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By further refining numerous elements of proven FLSmidth clinker cooler designs, the new Cross-BarTM Cooler represents the latest evolution in the cro...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker cooling; cross¬bar cooler; thermal efficiency; mechanical flow regulators
Autor: FLSmidth A/S.
Cement factory Krasnoselskstroymaterialy upgraded its existing two-chamber mill with the installation of new internal elements, including the lining o...
Issue №6, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: ball mill; diaphragm; grinding media; grinding efficiency
Autor: U. Karsunke.
Performed a retrospective analysis of the production and consumption of cement in 2007 - I quarter of 2012 in the Republic of Belarus. A general pictu...
Issue №4, 2012
Section: Review
Keywords: cement plants, the volume of consumption and production, export, construction of new production lines, measures to improve the efficiency of cement production
Autor: A.B. Bakhmat, I.V. Prilutsky.
Close cooperation between the professionals of the Podgorensky cement plant and FLSmidth made it possible to implement a construction project of a new...
Issue №1, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: dry process, energy efficiency, wet raw materials, plant modernization
Autor: O.P. Lopatin, M.V. Trunov, P. Grydgaard, L.R. Olsen.
Conventional cement cooling uses water flow that is open to the plant environment leading to issues with efficiency, maintenance, emissions and contam...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement cooling, efficiency improving, cost reducing
Autor: N. Sutherland, R. Anbari.
This article describes one of the modern technological solutions by Siemens to control the rate of induction motor drives with an option to recover th...
Issue №5, 2014
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: slip-ring motor, Slip Energy Recovery (SER), energy efficiency
Autor: D.M. Krisyuk.
The article is devoted to the plants for waste heat recovery and power generation, which use organic Rankine cycle (Organic Rankine Cycle, ORC)...
Issue №3, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: waste heat recovery, organic Rankine cycle, electrical power generation, energy efficiency
Autor: S. Santarossa.
A burner with 100% solid secondary fuel rate looks very tempting at first sight. A closer look raises several questions that must be answered, tho...
Issue №1, 2014
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: kiln burner, solid secondary fuel, momentum efficiency
Autor: R. Pachler.
The article provides an overview of recent innovations in the field of nanostructured mineral binders with improved performance as compared to the tra...
Issue №3, 2013
Section: New materials
Keywords: nanotechnology, architecture, nanostructured materials, cement, concrete, eco-efficiency
Autor: M.F. Leone.
The article describes the experience of upgrading the existing clinker cooler for the dry cement production line at OAO Sukholozhsk-Cement. Technologi...
Issue №2, 2014
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker cooler, modernization, economic efficiency
Autor: T. Weiß, C. Lange.

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