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The state and trends of development of technology and techniques for material grinding in ball tube mills are considered. An opportunity to adjust the...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Application of cement
Keywords: ball drum mill, grinding bodies, lining, mill feed, fineness of grinding, segregation, sorting, energy consumption
Autor: V.S. Bogdanov, S.I. Antsiferov, D.V. Bogdanov, P.A. Khakhalev.
The article gives the results on the use of power plant ash and of waste molding sand for slurry preparation at the Rustavi cement plant. The use of t...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: energy consumption, ash chemical composition, fineness of grinding
Autor: I.Z. Batsanadze.
The equipment, possessing a number of advantages of klinker grinding in comparison with a ball mill, is viewed in this article.
Issue №2, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: milling, ball grinder, fineness of grinding
Autor: A.V. Artamonov, M.S. Garkavi, V.N. Kushka.
The article considers the possibility of neutralizing to a considerable degree of coarse-grained – quartz, which is present in the raw material, by gr...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Science and production
Keywords: milling, energy cost, fineness of grinding, homogenicity, raw mix
Autor: D.V. Smal, V.D. Barbanyagre.
The article offers a comparative analysis of the technical and economic indicators of vertical roller mills (VRM) and ball mills (BM) ...
Issue №3, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement grinding; vertical roller mills; ball mills; closed cycle; separator; grinding fineness; grinding intensifiers
Autor: N.G. Sergienko.
The methods for determination of the cement grindability and fineness have been described. Fineness is to be expressed through surface area or particl...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Control of production
Keywords: fineness; grindability; specific surface area; particle size distribution
Autor: K. De Weerdt.
In India the first Loesche six-roller raw mill was successfully commissioned at Tadipadri in the cement plant owned by the second largest cement produ...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: mills sizes, productivity, fineness
Autor: M. Keissner, P.S. Matsumdar.
The measurement and control of particle size distribution in cement are very important for both the desired product composition and controlling produc...
Issue №3, 2014
Section: Control of production
Keywords: Portland cement fineness, particle size analysis, laser diffraction
Autor: A.V. Gerasimov.
The article describes the effect of Portland cement grinding in ball and vertical roller mills on the properties of the finished product. It is shown ...
Issue №3, 2014
Section: Science and production
Keywords: Portland cement grinding, fineness, particle-size distribution
Autor: I.A. Zlobin.

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