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The article describes the potential of the tools of nanoCAD GeoniCS software package for processing information during mining operations. The software...
Issue №1, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: digital technique, software, mining and quarrying, surveying
Autor: M.S. Kazakov, O.L. Liferova, A.R. Pulina.
The negative consequences of open-pit mining of minerals include retirement of significant land areas from agricultural use and their disturbance duri...
Issue №4, 2020
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: reclamation, mining technical stage, soil disturbance, top soil
Autor: S.I. Fomin, M.A. Marinin, M.P. Ovsyannikov.
The paper describes the main advantages of Cat 772 mining dump truck manufactured by Caterpillar®, OOO Zeppelin Rusland being its official dealer in t...
Issue №1, 2019
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: quarry, mining, mined rock transportation, rigid dump truck, transportation efficiency, cost value.
Autor: A.A. Minin.
OAO BELAZ is the managing company of the BELAZ Holding Co. (hereinafter BELAZ) (Republic of Belarus), that is one of the worlds larges...
Issue №3, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: mine truck, open-cut mining, raw materials for cement
Autor: A.M. Naskovets, S.N. Semko.
The possibility of obtaining cement clinkers with partial replacement of natural raw materials and corrective additives with coal mining wastes, tephr...
Issue №1, 2018
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: clinker, burning, energy saving, tefritobasalt, coal mining waste, fuel, raw material consumption.
Autor: B.T. Taymasov, Т.М. Khudyakova, N.N. Zhanikulov, A.N. Hashimov.
The article provides information on MiningWorld Central Asia that took place on September 14-16, 2015 in Almaty, in the IEC “Atakent” in the frames of...
Issue №4, 2015
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: mining, exhibition, forum
This presentation describes the products and services offered by OMZ Mining Equipment and Technology (Uralmash-Izhora Group) owned by Obyedine...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Presentation
Keywords: OMZ, equipment, mining, service
The article provides information on the round-table meeting on OMZ company mining equipment (October 11-12, St. Petersburg, Russia).
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: mining, new equipment, servicing
An accelerated development of the cement industry in the former Soviet Union countries today and prospects of a larger growth in the near future requi...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Stages of production
Keywords: mining excavators, modern technology, inclined belt conveyor, combine, software, quarry
The article presents the equipment of one of the largest CIS enterprises for design and manufacture of the drilling, ore-dressing and mining equipment...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: mining, equipment, modernization
Autor: O.A.Obukh.

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