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The article describes a new effective technology of strengthening reinforced concrete bridge structures by means of an added layer (added top laye...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: fiber-reinforced concrete, ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete, UHPFRC, bridge structures
Autor: I.M. Sapronov, A.V. Ageev, M.E. Zabrodin, B.M. Brayan, M.V. Fedorov.
In the course of the last three decades, the deeper understanding of concrete science on the one hand and innovative studies and research to overcome ...
Issue №3, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: ultra-high performance concrete, UHPC, reinforcing fibres
Autor: A.K. Chatterjee.
Features of the transition to technological standardization in the field of environmental protection in the Russian Federation based on the concept of...
Issue №6, 2022
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: Best Available Techniques, Reference Document on Best Available Techniques, technological regulation, Integrated Environmental Permits, Environmental Performance Enhancement Programmes, environmental selfmonitoring, marker parameters, greenhouse gas emissions
Autor: Ye.N. Potapova, T.V. Guseva, I.O. Tikhonova, Ye.M. Averochkin.
Flexco (USA) specializes in improving the performance and efficiency of belt conveyors. This article provides examples of how the company's expert...
Issue №3, 2021
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: belt conveyor, proactive maintenance, performance, efficiency
Autor: F. Moore.
Power consumption to clinker is a major variable cost driver in clinker production. JAMCEM has benchmarks for power to clinker based on a global datab...
Issue №6, 2020
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: specific power consumption, power audits, key performance indicator
Autor: L. Evans, M. Mutter.
The cement sector is operating in an overcapacity environment in many geographic regions including Russia and the several CIS states. This is part due...
Issue №4, 2020
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: energy performance analytics, specific electrical energy consumption, production capacity, energy management plan
Autor: P.H. Heersche, M. Blanck, H.W. Meyer.
Plant operators are facing economic challenges to improve plant efficiency and increase bottom line profitability daily, whilst at the same time, deal...
Issue №3, 2020
Section: Control of production
Keywords: online elemental analysis, PGNAA, raw meal, consistency of performance
Autor: S. Nel.
The EUROCEMENT group holding company is realizing small-scale electricity generation schemes at its plants. Today, captive power plants operate at fiv...
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: nonutility generation, energy performance, uninterruptible electrical power supply
Autor: A. Reutskaya.
Formulations for regular, frost-resistant, high-strength, self-compacting and mass concretes based on cement blends containing siliceous fly ash, grou...
Issue №5, 2019
Section: Science and production
Keywords: High Performance Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, freeze-thaw stable concrete, CO2 emission, workability, cement, fly ash, blast furnace slag
Autor: M. Talaj, K. Wandoch.
Multinational Cementir Holding launched a project, Aalborg InWhite Solution®, which aims to develop and market innovative products based on white ceme...
Issue №4, 2019
Section: New materials
Keywords: Ultra High-Performance Concrete, UHPC, white cement, premix, durability
Autor: M. Di Marino, E.P. Nielsen, Bi Zhuo Qin.

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