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OOO Polyplast Novomoskovsk supplies processing additives for cement plants, such as raw cement slurry thinners and cement grinding intensifiers. There...
Issue №4, 2020
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: organization of interaction, consumers, complex composition of additives, laboratory research, pilot testing
Autor: L.D. Shahova, D.B. Maneliuk.
The article reviews the development stages of the calorimetric method for analysis of cement production materials. It shows the role and applications...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: research, calorimetry, analyses trends
Autor: A.V Usherov-Marshak.
The article considers the effect of the characteristics of Portland cement and alumina cements and their ratios on the properties of rapid-hardening m...
Issue №4, 2008
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: dry construction mixes, binding agents, researchs
Autor: I.N. Medvedeva, Yu. M. Kudla.
The article presents the results of an investigation of the hydrophobic cement obtained by adding a water-repelling admix. A study was made of the adm...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: energy saving, hydrophobicity, research, additives
Autor: A.P. Butenko, I.G. Luginina.
The article shows the structure of the 12-th International Congress on the Chemistry of Cement held in Montreal, Canada in July 2007. It also reviews ...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: congress, scientific agenda, topics, plenary paper, research
Autor: Yu.R. Krivoborodov, I.Yu. Burlov.
The article provides the analyses of Russian and CIS dry mixes market. The author points out the reducing in total number of dry mixes producers in Ru...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Dry construction mixes
Keywords: market research, dry construction mixes, capacity level
Autor: E. Botka.
The article considers the influence of silicate mortars, obtained by interaction between SiO2 nanoparticles and alkali hydroxides solutions, on the mo...
Issue №5, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: silicate solutions, hydrated silica, polymeric composition, research, astringency
Autor: A.S. Brykov, E.U. Aleshunina.
The article gives the results of the complex investigations for developing a power-saving technology for the production of a high-quality white Portla...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Special binders
Keywords: raw materials, white portland cement, research
Autor: V.А. Pyachev, V.S. Rudnov.
On the basis of physical and chemical methods of the analysis of sintered and quick-cooled samples of raw mixes, a model of al1te formation in the pre...
Issue №2, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: clinker phases, alite, research, raw mix
Autor: Z.B. Entin, B.E. Yudovich.
On the basis of a comprehensive study of the chemico-mineralogical structure of magnesia rocks from various deposits, the article develops their firin...
Issue №2, 2007
Section: New materials
Keywords: magnesium oxide, magnesite, research, fluid content, rock-forming, additions
Autor: L.Ya. Kramar.

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