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Calcined (thermally activated) clays are the most promising source for supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) which can contribut...
Issue №1, 2020
Section: Science and production
Keywords: calcined clay, supplementary cementitious material, superplasticizer, zwitterionic polycarboxylate superplasticizer
Autor: M. Schmid, R. Sposito, K.-C. Thienel, J. Plank.
Over the past 50 years, concrete in Canada has evolved from a simple robust material to a complex composite with impressive improvements in the materi...
Issue №2, 2019
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, high performance concrete, ultra-high strength concrete, water reducer, plasticizer, superplasticizer, silica fume, blended cement
Autor: P.-C. Aitcin, W. Wilson, S. Mindess.
The dispersing effect of superplasticizers at standard temperature is well known. This contribution extends the knowledge about interactions between s...
Issue №1, 2019
Section: Science and production
Keywords: cements with several main constituents, limestone, granulated blastfurnace slag, superplasticizer, temperature.
Autor: J. Herrmann, J. Rickert.
The influence of plasticizing agents of different chemical composition on rheological and technological properties of raw cement slurry has been studi...
Issue №4, 2018
Section: Science and production
Keywords: plasticizer, superplasticizer, cement raw slurry, spreadability, plastic viscosity.
Autor: O.A. Panova, P.V. Besedin.
The content of air entrained in cement-sand mortar mix and the size of air bubbles are determined by the competition between molecules of air-entraini...
Issue №1, 2018
Section: Science and production
Keywords: air-entraining additives, microsilica, metakaolin, superplasticizers, competition, entrained air, frost resistance of concrete.
Autor: Yu.M. Kudla, Ye.A. Mikhailova, M.V. Pulman, A.S. Brykov.
Rheological properties and the zeta potential of fresh fly ash cement paste based on cements containing siliceous fly ash were identified, and the ion...
Issue №5, 2017
Section: Science and production
Keywords: fresh cement paste, fly ash, particle size distribution, superplasticizer
Autor: J. Herrmann, J. Rickert.
Effect of polycarboxylate plasticizers (superplasticizers) from different vendors on the properties of plaster and gypsum stone was examined
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: superplasticizer, plaster, self leveling floor, setting time
Autor: I.N. Medvedeva, A.S. Panfilov, D.M. Aleshunin, M.E. Voronkov.
The usage of superplasticizers for concrete production is beneficial in terms of workability and water reduction. Therefore, superplasticizers enable ...
Issue №1, 2016
Section: Science and production
Keywords: tricalcium silicate, superplasticizers, dissolution, crystallization
Autor: T. Sowoidnich, C. Roessler, H.-M. Ludwig.
The optimum (for the maximum compressive strength and minimal consumption of cement) ratio of the components, mineral and chemical additives w...
Issue №6, 2015
Section: Concrete
Keywords: superplasticizer C-3, mineralpowder, silicafume, non-autoclavedaerated concrete
Autor: V.V. Belov, Rushdie Ahmed Ali.

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