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OAO Krasnoselskstroymaterialy, part of the Belarusian Cement Company, produces cement by dry and wet methods. The company produces a wide range of cem...
Issue №4, 2021
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: cement production, dry process, wet process, modernization, quality, export
Autor: Y.V. Guchek.
KHD Humboldt Wedag/ZAB Zementanlagenbau Dessau (Germany) supplied the Volsky cement plant (part of the LafargeHolcim group) with equip...
Issue №5, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: clinker production, process line, semi-wet process, press filter.
Autor: Ye.V. Shchegolyaev.
A brief history of the clinker production process at AO Sebryakovcement (previously OAO Sebryakovcement), one of the few plants that currently...
Issue №4, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: wet process, combined process, dry process, modernization
Autor: S.P. Rogachev.
The article provides the information related to the cement production and consumption in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the cement plants of the count...
Issue №5, 2015
Section: Review
Keywords: cement, production, consumption, dry process, wet process
Autor: M.K. Tompiev.
The article describes the project of construction of new dry process line at the Lithuanian cement plant Akmenes Cementas. Equipment characteristics a...
Issue №5, 2015
Section: New projects
Keywords: cement, production, consumption, dry process, wet process
Autor: E. Montvila.
The article describes the modernization of the slurry mixer at GUP Chechencement. The study of options, the search for optimal solutions to minimize t...
Issue №4, 2015
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: slurry mixer, wet process, cement production
Autor: A.V. Morozov, A.V. Kornev, Sh.A. Kerimov.
The article considers ways of a sharp increase in cement production at minimal costs and within a short time. It suggests a plan for reconstruction of...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: productive capacity, dry process, wet process, economic calculation
Autor: B.I. Nudelman, A.B. Nudelman, A.B. Gremyashchy.
The article demonstrates the production potential of Volgocemmash factory manufacturing the basic equipment for the production of cement by dry and we...
Issue №6, 2014
Section: Companies and firms
Keywords: equipment for cement production, dry and wet processes, modernization, repair
Autor: N.G. Goncharenko.
The paper presents a method of assessment of the rotary kiln burning zone status based on image recognition. The decision support unit for kiln contro...
Issue №4, 2014
Section: Control of production
Keywords: cement rotary kiln, wet processing, sintering zone, assessment, image recognition, machine vision, rule database, fuzzy logic
Autor: D.A. Yudin, V.Z. Magergut, O.B. Gatilov.
55 years ago the first cement production line was launched at the plant that now bears the name of ZAO Zhigulevskie Stroimaterialy, and is part of the...
Issue №4, 2013
Section: Jubilees
Keywords: cement production, wet process, dry process
Autor: S. Kolyada.

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