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The characteristics of architectural concretes and their application are described. The requirements that should be taken into account when selecting ...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: architectural concrete, concrete placement, white cement
Autor: A.A. Kriventsov, D.A. Kalugin, A.V. Ruzhitskaya.
The requirements to the inner containment of the reactor building of nuclear power plants are listed in the article. The specifics of concrete structu...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, concreting, nuclear power plant
Autor: M.Y. Yakobson, D.G. Surikov, L.M. Yakobson, D.A. Tolstov.
The article presents the results of research of influence of various water-repelling agents on the frost resistance of paving concrete. The analysis o...
Issue №6
Section: Concrete
Keywords: water-repellents, pavement concrete, freeze-thaw resistance, water absorption ability
Autor: V.V. Ushakov, V.A. Maksimov.
The article gives a review and analysis of the main regulatory documents establishing methods of determining the reactivity of aggregates for conc...
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: internal deterioration of concrete, testing methods for aggregates, aggregate reacting capacity in concrete, concrete mix design, durability
Autor: V.R. Falikman, P.N. Sirotin.
The erection process of high-rise buildings with prefab STCC vertical structures developed at Nizhny Tagil Plant of Steel Structures is described....
Issue №5, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: concrete, concreting, high-rise building, frame, structural system, installation, pipe concrete column, pipe-concrete support-rod system
Autor: V.V. Parfenov, V.V. Parfenov, N.V. Vavilin.
The article describes a new effective technology of strengthening reinforced concrete bridge structures by means of an added layer (added top laye...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: fiber-reinforced concrete, ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete, UHPFRC, bridge structures
Autor: I.M. Sapronov, A.V. Ageev, M.E. Zabrodin, B.M. Brayan, M.V. Fedorov.
A technique for studying the hydration processes of cement compositions has been developed using semi-adiabatic calorimetry. The pilot plant with remo...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: semi-adiabatic calorimetry, hydration of cement, compatibility of additives, laboratory installation
Autor: V.A. Beregovoy, I.Y. Lavrov.
It is shown that an increased resistance of concrete to biological corrosion can be achieved by using a high-performance complex chemical admixture co...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: biological corrosion, stability, microorganism waste products, dense structure, strong hydrated phases, chemical additive
Autor: V.Y. Solovieva, I.V. Stepanova, D.V. Soloviev.
The article discusses the experience of using expanded perlite in cement composites, the degree of its influence on the properties of the concrete mix...
Issue №4, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: lightweight aggregate, perlite, internal cure, shrinkage
Autor: A.M. Kharitonov,, A.S. Sidorova, D.M. Andreev.
In the course of the last three decades, the deeper understanding of concrete science on the one hand and innovative studies and research to overcome ...
Issue №3, 2023
Section: Concrete
Keywords: ultra-high performance concrete, UHPC, reinforcing fibres
Autor: A.K. Chatterjee.

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