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The article describes the potential of the tools of nanoCAD GeoniCS software package for processing information during mining operations. The software...
Issue №1, 2023
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: digital technique, software, mining and quarrying, surveying
Autor: M.S. Kazakov, O.L. Liferova, A.R. Pulina.
The paper describes the main advantages of Cat 772 mining dump truck manufactured by Caterpillar®, OOO Zeppelin Rusland being its official dealer in t...
Issue №1, 2019
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: quarry, mining, mined rock transportation, rigid dump truck, transportation efficiency, cost value.
Autor: A.A. Minin.
OOO SPb-Giproshakht is a Russian design and consulting company. It designs mining enterprises for all kinds of solid minerals, including quarries for ...
Issue №6, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: quarry, raw materials for cement, mineral resources, producing equipment, minerals delivery, overburden operations, cost of ownership, recultivation
Autor: S.P. Reshetnyak, D.V. Klimov, E.V. Kuran, N.I. Baychurina.
Nowadays, efficient crushing plants can be found in every mining operations of every modern cement works. During past decades, for economic reasons, c...
Issue №5, 2017
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: stationary crushing plant, semi-mobile crushing plant, quarry, cement plant
Autor: T. Fischer.
The article reviews the performance and operation efficiency of a new hydraulic excavator produced by Obyedinennye Mashinostroitelynye Zavody (OMZ...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Presentation
Keywords: OMZ, engineering plants, raw materials, quarry, specification, comparative analysis
Autor: V.A. Kazakov, Yu.V. Okorokov, N.I. Paladeeva.
An accelerated development of the cement industry in the former Soviet Union countries today and prospects of a larger growth in the near future requi...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Stages of production
Keywords: mining excavators, modern technology, inclined belt conveyor, combine, software, quarry
The commissioning of Wirtgen Surface Miner 2500 SM from Wirtgen International GmbH, Germany, in the quarry of the Bolshevik chalk, gaize and clay depo...
Issue №1, 2012
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: quarry, explosion-free technology, mining machine
Autor: M. Pichler, A.P. Il, Y.B. Pankevich, M.Y. Pankevich.
A blast-free technology of hard rock ripping Rip&Load from Caterpillar is described. Among its advantages are high speed, low labour input, ease of op...
Issue №2, 2012
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: quarry, blastless technology, mining limestone
Autor: N.V. Bratchikov, I.V. Rubtsov, D.A. Antipov.
Actions taken to explore the raw materials resource base are discussed together with management solutions that make it possible to organize the proces...
Issue №2, 2011
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: deposit; drilling operations; analyses of raw materials; geological model; quarry
Autor: J.-M. Ritzenthaler.
The story of the Afanasievsky quarry development and land reclamation by Lafarge Cement is offered, the characteristics of the equipment used are list...
Issue №4, 2011
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: quarry, reclamation, landscape
Autor: A.P. Bulbashev.

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