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The article describes changes in the rules for cement certification introduced in Russia in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the ...
Issue №4, 2020
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: cement, certification, sampling, production audit, inspecting
Autor: A. M. Stepanov, E. A. Pospelova.
ITECA SOCADEI installed 2 in-line particle size analyzers at South-Urals Mining and Processing company (SUMPC) in Novotroitsk. It was the first experi...
Issue №3, 2020
Section: Control of production
Keywords: cement mill, energy efficiency, automation, sampling, grain size analysis
Autor: A.S. Fedorov,, E.B. Gello, O. Sanochkin.
Automated quality control systems provide representative sampling at any stage of cement production, their uniform transportation by a pneumatic tube ...
Issue №2, 2019
Section: Control of production
Keywords: automated laboratory system, sampling, sample preparation, X-ray fluorescence analysis, X-ray diffraction analysis, Laboratory Information Management System, LIMS
Autor: D. Sharkov.
In 2007, a boom CapEx value of US$ 793 million has been spent for cement plant automation, in the following years the CapEx significantly decreased an...
Issue №3, 2018
Section: Review
Keywords: automation market, cement production, laboratory, sampling, online analyzer, gas analyzer
Autor: J. Harder.
Alternative fuels and raw materials lead to new challenges in kiln operation. Volatile cycles require new approaches to understand chemical and minera...
Issue №3, 2018
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: alternative fuels, alternative raw materials, clinker burning, sampling, analysis
Autor: M. Enders.
The article is devoted to gas analysis instrumentation in rotary kilns by ENOTEC GmbH, Germany
Issue №6, 2016
Section: Control of production
Keywords: gas analyzing, CO, O2, NOx, gas sampling
Autor: A.V. Katkovskiy.
This article describes the KilnLoq analyzer, developed by FLSmidth Gas Analysis Technology allowing to determine the composition of flue gases at the ...
Issue №4, 2016
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: gas analyser, gas sampling probe, exhaust gases
Autor: A. Adamenko,, C. Markussen.
The article describes the main ideas and content of the seminar Current state and trends in the development of automated plants for cement and raw mat...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Conferences, seminars, exhibitions
Keywords: automated complex, cement milling, equipment sampling
Autor: LG. Sudakas, A.B. Upolovnikov.
The article describes the procedure for determining the free silicon oxide content in the raw materials and raw slurry used in manufacture of Portland...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Standartization and quality
Keywords: portland cement clinker, silicon oxide, sampling, pulp, schlich
Autor: L.L. Nesterova.
The article describes the industrial laser diffraction analyser MYTOS that provides representative sampling, dispersion of the sample and changing the...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Control of production
Keywords: particle size, milling, analyzers, sampling
Autor: A. Pankewitz, T. Hubner, D. Tausenev.

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