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The article briefly considers the state of cement production and degree of its conformity with the modern economy. A new direction in developing the s...
Issue №6, 2007
Section: Science and production
Keywords: technological development, cement production, sintering process, intensification, clinker, field trial
Autor: Yu.А. Burlov, I.Yu. Burlov, А.Yu. Burlov.
The dynamic development of the Russian construction sector over the last nine years predetermined the resurgence of the construction materials industr...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Review
Keywords: building sector, cement production, cement consumption, export, import
Autor: V.I. Zharko, V.I. Shubin.
The article describes a system of optical and thermal on-line analysis of the processes taking place in the sintering zone and in the cooler of a rota...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Control of production
Keywords: cement production, control, optimization, kilns, video images
Autor: R. Boecher.
Information about the historical development and the current state of the cement industry and the cement market in Brazil - one of the largest cement ...
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Review
Keywords: Brazil cement industry, Brazil cement market, cement consumption, dry method of cement production
In 2010 the Danish company FLSmidth, with cooperation from the journal Cement and its Applications, donated a workstation and ECS/CEMulator commercial...
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: learning, cement production process simulation, software complex
Autor: M.E. Voronkov.
An analysis of the cement industry of Russia in 2011 is offered in the paper together with the possible prospects of its development.
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry, cement production, cement consumption, export, import
Autor: G.Yu. Vasilik.
A system for process automation at the Achinsk Cement plant, owned by BaselCement holding company, set up after the plant was out of operation from 20...
Issue №6, 2011
Section: Automation of production
Keywords: automation, process, cement production
Autor: A.A. Meshcheryakov.
The article reports on three projects implemented with the participation of A TEC Company, Austria in the Republic of Belarus and describes various st...
Issue №3, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: cement production; project; managing quality; process line
Autor: W. Gigacher, P. Laube.
The article describes the sequence of the development and introduction of an automated system of quality control and laboratory. It shows the effect o...
Issue №4, 2010
Section: Control of production
Keywords: automated process control system (APCS), information transparency, control of technological norms, coordination of technological and parametric control of cement production
Autor: E.V. Tekucheva, S.A. Bezlepkina, D.A. Kudryashov.
The article provides information about the cement industry in Turkey, the Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association, the situation in the industry fro...
Issue №6, 2010
Section: Review
Keywords: cement production; consumption; Association; export; import
Autor: A. Ignebekçili.

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