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The article shows the role of the Kyoto protocol in enhancing the attractiveness of foreign investments in the Russian and Ukrainian cement industries...
Issue №3, 2007
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: mineral fuel, energy cost reduction, emission, investment
Autor: L. de Klerk, N. Korobova.
The article focuses attention on the ecological and economic problems, without solving which further development of the world cement industry is impos...
Issue №6, 2008
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: conference, reports, atmospheric emission, greenhouse gases, alternative fuels
Autor: I.G. Abramson.
At material calcining in rotary kilns the burner design is one of the most important aspects defining the kiln line engineering-and-economical perform...
Issue №4, 2007
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: air supply, process quality, burning, blending, flame shape, burner design, emission abatement
Autor: A. Wagner.
On the basis of a conducted study of the industrial safety and environmental control measures, proposals were developed for a draft of the Technical R...
Issue №1, 2008
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: emission standards, environmental defence, process optimization, manufacture
Autor: Z.B. Entin, S.P. Sivkov.
Now cement producers can replace fossil fuels with alternative fuels easily and efficiently. FLSmidth has everything cement producers need, from indiv...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: cost of production, emission of gases, fuel property, engineering
Autor: L. S. Jensen.
The data on the cement industry in Poland, showing its high technical level achieved as a result of modernization of enterprises, are presented. The g...
Issue №5, 2011
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry, modernization, CO2 emission
Autor: J. Deja.
The dynamics of cement production and consumption in Poland is considered. In 2010-2020 the continuous growth of its production is expected. The intro...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Review
Keywords: cement industry; Poland; cement consumption; alternative fuels; emission of CO2
Autor: W. Kurdowski, J. Deja, D. Konieczny.
The article considers comprehensive systems for exhaust gas heat recovery (WHR systems) as part of technical solutions offered by FLSmidth A/S...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Equipment and technology
Keywords: waste heat recovery; energy saving; CO2 emission; steam boiler; Rankine cycle
Autor: R. Sidhu.
The article provides information on the activities of VDZ and its Research Institute and presents the analysis of operations of German cement industry...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Review
Keywords: VDZ, research institute, cement sector, dust emission, cement chemistry, concrete technology, environment control, product quality
Autor: M. Schneider.
The article analyzes the reasons for unsteady operation of installations of air purification by inertia dedusters in the conditions of changing flow p...
Issue №1, 2009
Section: Ecology and safety
Keywords: dust emission, aspiration system
Autor: M.V. Vasilevsky, E.G. Zykov, V.S. Loginov, A.S. Razva, K.V. Nekrasov, A.M. Litvinov, A.F. Glushko, V.A.Kuznetsov.

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