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In order to reduce the carbon factor a lot of mineral additives are used in cements, which often leads to a sharp fall in its strength. Active (gr...
Issue №2, 2022
Section: Waste utilization
Keywords: crystallized steel slag, mineral additives, carbon factor, strength of cements
Autor: S.P. Sivkov, E.V. Turusheva, S.V. Moshkovskaya, A.P. Krylov.
Wall materials of stable quality are required for the construction of facilities in the Arctic zone of Russia. Portland cement-based foam concretes pr...
Issue №2, 2020
Section: Concrete
Keywords: foam concrete, Portland cement clinker, active mineral additives, cement with mineral additives, quartz-feldspar sand, zeolite, foam concrete mixture, monodisperse pore distribution, density, strength, freeze-thaw resistance, thermal conductivity
Autor: A.Y. Mestnikov, A.I. Kudyakov, V.N. Rozhin.
The effect of mineral additives of various composition and dispersive capacity (kaolin, metakaolin, microsilica, microcalcite, wollastonite) o...
Issue №3, 2017
Section: Science and production
Keywords: concrete freeze-thaw resistance, air entrainment, air- entraining admixture, active mineral additives, active centres.
Autor: Yu.M. Kudla, A.S. Brykov, S.V. Myakin, E.A. Mikhailova.
The results of studies of binding properties of mechanically activated compositions based on Portland cement (PC) and mineral additives are pr...
Issue №1, 2017
Section: Science and production
Keywords: blended cements, mineral additives, mechanical activation
Autor: A.M. Kalinkin, B.I. Gurevich, E.V. Kalinkina, V.V. Tyukavkina.
The article gives the results of the commercial tests on the production of mechanically and chemically activated cements of low water demand at a high...
Issue №3, 2008
Section: Science and production
Keywords: mechanochemical activation, mineral additives, manufacture
Autor: M.Ya. Bikbau, V.N. Mochalov, Chen Lun.
The microstructure of hydration products of composite cement containing as mineral additives granulated blast-furnace slag (10%), flask &#...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: composite cement; mineral additives; hydration products; mycrostructure
Autor: L.D. Shakhova, D.E. Kucherov.
The results of research on optimization of the composition of sulfomineral additives and their influence on the formation of composition, structure an...
Issue №5, 2010
Section: Science and production
Keywords: autoclave aerated concrete; sulfomineral additives; chemical reinforcing; lowbasicity hydrosilicates of calcium.
Autor: A.A. Mechai, E.I. Baranovskaya.
Metakaolin is an artificial pozzolana obtained by calcining kaolinite-type clays. Metakaolin can replace a part of Portland cement in the concrete wit...
Issue №4, 2012
Section: Concrete
Keywords: mineral additives, concrete, durability
Autor: A.S. Brykov.
The kinetics of modified cement pastes’ hardening was examined with five different samples of Portland cement in the conditions of moist heat curing a...
Issue №4, 2011
Section: Concrete
Keywords: curing kinetics, Portland cement, mineral additives, moist heat curing, strength after 24 hours, cement stone with modifying additives
Autor: L.M. Dobshits, O.V. Kononova, S.N. Anisimov.

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